Flexivert Library Documentation
GreaterThanOrEqual Operator
NamespacesFlexivertVertexGreaterThanOrEqual(Vertex, Vertex)
Compares two vertices according to their unique identifiers.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static bool operator >=(
	Vertex v1,
	Vertex v2
Public Shared Operator >= ( _
	v1 As Vertex, _
	v2 As Vertex _
) As Boolean
static bool operator >=(
	Vertex^ v1, 
	Vertex^ v2
v1 (Vertex)
The first vertex to compare
v2 (Vertex)
The second vertex to compare
Return Value
A boolean indicating whether the first vertex is greater than or equal to the second vertex.

Assembly: FVCore (Module: FVCore) Version: (