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InsertInto Method (graph, rect)
NamespacesFlexivert.PluginsIGraphGeneratorInsertInto(Graph, RectangleF)
Inserts the graph generated by the graph generator, into a previously created graph.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
bool InsertInto(
	Graph graph,
	RectangleF rect
Function InsertInto ( _
	graph As Graph, _
	rect As RectangleF _
) As Boolean
bool InsertInto(
	Graph^ graph, 
	RectangleF rect
graph (Graph)
The graph to be extended
rect (RectangleF)
The bounding box inside which the additional vertices should be added
Return Value
true if the generation succeeds, false otherwise

Assembly: FVCore (Module: FVCore) Version: (