About Flexivert

Flexivert is a mathematical graph manipulation software project initiated by some students in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Sharif University of Technology. The program is written under Microsoft .NET Framework and provides a comprehensive environment for implementing, visualizing and testing graph algorithms. The modularity of the program, its rich support for plugins and the fully documented development library provides a convenient way for further development of the project through new algorithms and plugins.

The program is divided into three major parts. The most important part is Flexivert Core Library, which contains the core features of the project, including basic definitions for graphs, plugins, and other that are fundamental features that are used in plugin development. The second part is Flexivert User Interface Library, which provides features for development of user interface extensions and graph display. The third part of the program is the main application and plugins.

One of the special features of Flexivert is its scriptable context. Flexivert's shell allows users and developers to run quick scripts and see the results. Scripts can also be added as extensions to the program, in order to add a basic functionality. Thus, developers do not need a compiler or even an IDE to develop simple functionalities for Flexivert. Development can be done inside the application environment. Besides, each graph has a code assigned to it, which controls the graph's behavior. The code is saved and loaded along with the graph and is attached to it upon loading.


The project is at its beginning stage and recruiting new members. If you have any of the following skills,

  • Programming with C#, VB.NET, or C++.NET
  • Combinatorics and Graph Theory
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Computer networking
  • Web development

and if you want to participate in the project, please let us know by sending an email to flexivert@annahid.com.


Flexivert 0.5 Binaries
Windows Vista: The program should be run as administrator for all features to work.

Flexivert 0.5 Library Documentation


Project Supervisor:

Dr. E. Mahmoodian <emahmood@sharif.edu> - Deptartment of Mathematical Science, Sharif University of Technology


Hessan Feghhi - Lead developer, UI design and implementation, plugins

Mohsen Khaki - Lead plugin developer, low-level implementation

With thanks to:

Ali D. Mehrabi <mehrabi.135@gmail.com>

Arash Zaryabi

Ashkan Fararooy